Power in partnership

Building bridges is also about partnership.  Take a look at the partners that help us innovate en further improve cpmVision.


Wolters Kluwer | CCH® Tagetik

The CCH® Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform uses a powerful data engine and scalable, extendable platform to connect finance and operations. That means better insights, faster decisions, and the ability to steer your business.


Zebra BI

A great story, needs great visuals.

The jaw-dropping reports and dashboards we show in our demo's utilize the powerful visualization tools from Zebra BI. The Zebra BI visuals are Microsoft-certified and offer powerful features that make reports and dashboards understandable & actionable.

Actionable Reporting  Made Easy



The integration of reporting systems provide organizations with an overview. Finext offers powerful consolidation processes for optimal corporate reporting.


Microsoft Power BI

Create a data-driven culture with the easy-to-use business intelligence for all. 

Enable everyone, at every level of your organisation, to make confident decisions using the CCH®  Tagetik financial data in their Power BI  analytics.



Satriun streamlines financial reporting processes, helping organization take financial consolidation, planning, reporting efficiency and productivity to a higher level.
Satriun is co-founder of cpmVision.


iqbs Solutions

The expertise of iqbs lies in developing and implementing standardized datawarehouse solutions, in combination with insightful dashboards in Power BI. iqbs is 100% Microsoft Gold partner meaning they build on solid technology and help us innovate as quickly as Microsoft does.
iqbs is co-founder of cpmVision


CXO Software

cxoCXO Software is a purpose-built, web-based, EPM reporting solution for finance teams, supporting high-quality reports and faster reporting cycles. 
Together with cpmVision they are now able to migrate with their CCH® Tagetik customers to the cloud.