Power in partnership

Building bridges is also about partnership.  Take a look at the partners that help us innovate en further improve cpmVision.

Lucca 2023

Wolters Kluwer | CCH® Tagetik

The CCH® Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform uses a powerful data engine and scalable, extendable platform to connect finance and operations. That means better insights, faster decisions, and the ability to steer your business.


Zebra BI

A great story, needs great visuals.

The jaw-dropping reports and dashboards we show in our demo's utilize the powerful visualization tools from Zebra BI. The Zebra BI visuals are Microsoft-certified and offer powerful features that make reports and dashboards understandable & actionable.

Actionable Reporting  Made Easy



The integration of reporting systems provide organizations with an overview. Finext offers powerful consolidation processes for optimal corporate reporting.


Microsoft Power BI

Create a data-driven culture with the easy-to-use business intelligence for all. 

Enable everyone, at every level of your organisation, to make confident decisions using the CCH®  Tagetik financial data in their Power BI  analytics.



Satriun streamlines financial reporting processes, helping organization take financial consolidation, planning, reporting efficiency and productivity to a higher level.
Satriun is co-founder of cpmVision.

Swap Support

Swap Support

“Integrating EPM and BI is a trend we increasingly see at our clients. The starter kit helps us to connect CCH Tagetik with Power BI even faster. Also, it makes continuous improvement easier,” said Rogier van Cittert, consultant at Swap Support.

This aligns seamlessly with the strategy of Swap Support. Rogier: “Our goal is to enable organizations to get the most out of their CCH Tagetik application.”

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Get Responsive

Do you want to learn more about Power BI? At your own pace and convenience? Then the Power Up e-learning platform from our partner, Get Responsive, might be a great option for you with access to over 40 hours of certified training. Every 2 months, a new training is added. Your experience level doesn’t matter. Both basic and advanced trainings are available. Each training consists of 5-minute videos interspersed with practical assignments. 


iqbs Solutions

The expertise of iqbs lies in developing and implementing standardized datawarehouse solutions, in combination with insightful dashboards in Power BI. iqbs is 100% Microsoft Gold partner meaning they build on solid technology and help us innovate as quickly as Microsoft does.
iqbs is co-founder of cpmVision


CXO Software

cxoCXO Software is a purpose-built, web-based, EPM reporting solution for finance teams, supporting high-quality reports and faster reporting cycles. 
Together with cpmVision they are now able to migrate with their CCH® Tagetik customers to the cloud.