Corporate and Managerial Finance

We bring it from CCH® Tagetik to Power BI in our synchronized financial intelligent datamodel.
Easy to use, beautiful to watch.



BI needs more...

... than just the financial data from CCH® Tagetik.

Loading the financial data

As you might have found out the hard way, extracting only the financial data into a Power BI datamodel is not enough. You need more.

With cpmVision you connect Power BI, or any other BI solution, the right way.


BI needs cpmVision

Our 4 steps bring CCH® Tagetik to Microsoft Power BI.

Financial Intelligence

 1 - Azure based, Dynamic ETL,
2 - Financial Intelligent Datamodel,
3 - Dynamically synchronized Security,
4 - Power BI Report pack.

PowerPoint or Power BI

From a multipage page slidedeck, to a single Power BI report, with all the intelligence you need.

Self-service Analysis

cpmVision gives you the dynamically synchronized Hierarchies and FST's from CCH® Tagetik, combined with the powerful Time Intelligence.  

You can now simply start your segment reporting and own analysis, within one single report. 

cpmVision Commenting

We make it easy to manage feedback and clarifications, directly in your Power BI reports.

In context commenting

cpmVision makes it possible to manage and store comments, within your Power BI report.
Of course, we made it context aware. Depending on the filters (e.g. time period or entities) the correct comments are shown and updated.

cpmVision - Overview

The following sums up what you get when you implement our solution. 

Covered CCH® Tagetik functionality
  • Cloud & On Premise
  • Financial & Analytical Workspace connection
Dynamic loading
  • CCH® Tagetik masterdata
  • CCH® Tagetik Financial Statements
  • CCH® Tagetik Advanced FSTs
Covered BI solutions
All BI solutions that can connect to Azure Analysis Services, like:
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Qlik
  • XLCubed
  • Tableau
  • CXO Cockpit
  • and more
cpmVision Functionality
  • Currency Translation
  • Time Intelligence
  • Segment Reporting
  • Like for Like Comparisons
  • Comments Reporting
  • Self Service Analytics
Included in the cpmVision subscription
  • cpmVision Extract Transform & Load logic
  • cpmVision Financial Intelligence Dataset
  • cpmVision Sample Reports
  • Zebra BI custom visuals


We love to help!

We are committed to making reporting easy. If you have anything to share, or a question, please let us know.